Fighting Food Waste with Leanpath 

With food waste contributing to around 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions each year, reduction initiatives are an essential part of the future of the food service industry and our planet’s health.

One of the tools we have implemented in the fight against food waste is Leanpath, an innovative tracking and analysis system that measures plate and production waste by utilising scales. Through Leanpath, we are able to reduce costs associated with food waste and improve food productivity across our sites.

The data being collected through Leanpath is changing the way our teams set food waste reduction targets and shining a light on environmental consciousness. By adding a carbon and monetary value to food waste generate at sites, we can clearly see the impact it has on profits and the planet.

Leanpath is currently operational in 3 of our village sites across Australia.

“In a world gripped by conflict, climate change and cost of living pressures, the need for action to reduce food waste has never been more important. Every item we throw away is a waste of the energy used to grow, harvest, process and cook it. “Minimising food waste is an essential part of Compass Group’s purpose and commitment to a sustainable future for all. Managing waste also helps us manage costs for client and consumers” – Dominic Blakemore, Group Chief Executive Officer of Compass Group PLC

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